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One Last Thing.

Lez be real, nobody likes text posts on tumblr. They are boring, they are irrelevant to anyone but the author… But none-the-less this girl needs to let a few things out. And sending my words off into the the wide world of the interweb seems safe, and effective. Not unheard, but at the same time not broadcasted to couple hundred real people that know my life or have any sort of judgement to give. 

Break ups are brutal. At least the one I am going through is. I do not really comprehend why it has to be so hard, like you date someone for almost 3 years you would think just a semblance of that care & compassion once shared would remain… I feel like it would be so much simpler if two people could maturely sit back, look one another in the face, and say “Hey, this just isn’t working out & I have a sinking feeling we are not each others ‘person’. So  why don’t we take some time, a few steps back, & then carry on as friends. But bottom line I want nothing but the best for you down the road even if it isn’t me.” 

Wouldn’t that be nice?  Introduce reality- you have weeks of silence, the endless bitching to friends who are way too good to you to still be listening, the rumors, the awkward run ints, and the ultimate battle as to see who really does own this small town (or more specifically the good bars in it). 

I hate that relationships are so messy, I hate that people get hurt, I hate what it means to be anyones something when the inevitable happens & things go wrong.

It is such an unfortunate existence in these moments after a break up where your heart can so completely love & hate someone in the same second. Those lingering feelings of desire mixed with betrayal & hurt. The endless questions in your mind of how will this love ever just completely cease to end & a new one begin.

That nagging feeling in the back of your throat that threatens tears and wonders how long it takes before your heart catches up with your head & knows that you are no longer his, and he… he is not yours. 

Can’t the happy ending for two people ever just be that that friendship lingers while love fades?

Goodbye to this tumblr, on to the next one. Time for a fresh start. 


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